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A Guide to Flexible Golf Membership

Play More Golf is a first-of-its-kind flexible gold membership in the United Kingdom that creates a connection between different golf clubs under one membership. As it stands today, this unique golf membership is available with support from several golf clubs across the UK. The major ideas behind the establishment of this special network are to increase the flexibility of golf club membership, improve the choices golfers can make when choosing a golf course, provide more values for money and ensure golfers can play their favourite game comfortably. Varieties of benefits are also attached to this unrivalled golf membership.

This unique and flexible golf membership comes in different forms and it is open to individuals from all walks of life. Individuals are to open an online membership account with Play More Golf and pay as little as £325 to enjoy a whole year of golfing adventures. With this payment made, members will get 100 points which can be used to play golf for a year. Members have the choice of selecting their preferred home club and can also play at golf courses of other clubs. Out of the 100 points awarded to each member, 80 are allocated to playing at the preselected home club while the other 20 points are for playing at other golf courses in the UK. Notably, points are deducted for every round of golf played, but members are allowed to buy more points through their online membership account.

Corporate organizations are not exempted from this flexible golf membership. The flexible golf membership from Play More Golf can be used by businesses of various kinds and sizes. To be part of this network, any interested business must pay £1,355 +VAT for entry level membership. Businesses are also expected to select home club and play at other golf courses around the UK. For entry level membership, 500 points, which can be used for up to 250 rounds of golf, are provided and businesses can also buy more points. Golfing for corporate bodies is not only meant for business colleagues and staff, clients can also enjoy the benefits of this flexible golf membership.

Some of the awesome benefits of the flexible golf membership are 12-month validity for every membership package acquired, top-notch golf membership at the preselected home golf club and stress-free booking option at preferred time. Other benefits include enjoying membership rights with up to 3 friends for each round, taking part in golf club competition and availability of golf courses every day of the week.

Whether you are a pro or amateur golfer, this flexible golf membership provided by Play More Golf is available for you. Members can access several golf courses of different sizes and shapes in South England, Midlands, North England and Scotland as lots of golf clubs in these areas are partners of this specially-packaged golf membership program. Anyone interested in this golf membership should simply visit the website of Play More Golf to read more about their membership offers and join the network.

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