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Important Reasons To Practice With A Golf Hitting Net

Golf Hitting Net

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In golf there is no better substitute than regular practice. However, not everyone can afford going to an expensive golf course regularly for practice. Instead it is easier and more affordable to bring the golfing range home, by buying a golf hitting net. In addition to dramatically reducing your golf training expenses, a golf hitting net will immensely help you in lowering your golf handicap.

Here is a list of reasons how hitting into a net will drop your scores.

1) Keeping Your Head Down - One of key habits of a successful golfer is keeping the head down at the time of impact. While practicing hitting into a net, it is easier to focus on the ball without worrying too much about the outcome of the shot. In a course we often raise our eyes to the target a bit too early. Hitting in to a net also improves our overall focus, so our shots will become more solid.

2) Improved Consistency - Most good golf hitting nets will have targets marked. Many don’t, but you can mark targets using ribbons and tape. However, I recommend buying nets with marked targets, you can check various golf nets before zeroing on one. Once you are ready with a marked net in your house, yard or even in your garage; you can practice whenever you want. This habit will dramatically improve your consistency.

3) Control Of Trajectory and Angles - The targets will help you quickly improve your skill to flight the ball up or down; or working the angles during heavy wind. Every good golfer will need these shots on the course. On a windy day, if you are hitting the ball into the wind then you need to punch it low; you can practice these shots, as you will need these shots on the course.

4) Increased Distance - The repeated hitting of a golf ball into the net will strengthen of your “golf muscles”. With an increased strength of the set of muscle fibers that are specifically used for golf swing, your swing speed too will increase. With a greater swing speed and the right technique, your distance will increase.

5) Ability To Recover - Anyone can have a bad day, but a good golfer will make a conscious effort on recovering quickly. Practicing different strategies with clubs of different weight in your golfing net will allow you to get out of trouble easily. You can simulate various game situations, like ball being under a tree. You can get out of that situation by hitting the ball to the lower part of net.

It goes without saying that hitting into a net can improve your game, but in addition to that you will have loads of fun too.

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