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Payne Stewart Back Support for Golf - An Overview

It goes without saying that back pain is one of the common ailments among the majority of middle aged people, but it is the most prevalent among golf injuries. The reason is, most golfers spend around four to five hours in a bent position; while doing so they apply additional pressure on spine and back muscles. The constant bending of the back and the repetitive movements of the golf swing during those long hours puts a considerable strain on the back. When the back doesn’t recover sufficiently it results in back pain. Wearing a good back support helps alleviate the lower back pain and can improve your overall golfing performance and quality of life.

The Right Back Support for Golf:

Compress-on is a new scientifically designed back support that was modeled after the one developed by Saunders and Payne Stewart. The production of the original support was discontinued, and this Payne Stewart Back Support for Golf  is an improved version and is brought to you by a highly reputed vendor - The Back Place.

The Back Place - Back Support

It is extremely important to get the right braces and supports, because there are several substandard braces in the market, and a wrong one can do more harm than good to your back. Avoid those substandard supports at any cost.

These supports are a better option than opting for pills to douse your pain. The pain killers are just symptom suppressants, they don’t heal your back. Many of the pain killers will make you drowsy and might significantly affect your golf abilities.

The one reason why golfers are reluctant to use a back support is some of the back supports are obtrusive and make them look bulky. However this Payne Stewart Back Support for Golf  is a scientifically designed back support and it is completely unobtrusive to wear. Moreover nobody will really be able to tell that you are wearing one unless you tell them, as it will not make you appear bulky.

This is one of best noninvasive ways to heal your back, it also doesn’t carry the risk of over medication (as in the case with pain killers).

Don’t Stop With a Back Support:

There is no quick fix to your back ache, so in addition to these supports do a lot of walking and yoga. Yoga stimulates the tissue regrowth and strengthening of back muscles. Even though these supports help thousands of people everyday, it is important to check with your physician for a complete medical advice. This article is just to provide information and cannot be considered as diagnosis or medical advice, please check with your physician.

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