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Top 3 Golfing Gears For a Perfect Recreation

Top 3 Golfing Gears For a Perfect Recreation

Hard core golfers have a knack for finding the coolest gears and gadgets to have fun at the court. While golfing in itself is quite interesting, bundling it up with some super interesting gears is an added motivation.  If you are into golfing and would love to brag about owning some awesome gears to your contemporaries, check out our list of top 3 gears that will make golfing fun. These can also be exclusive gifts for your dad or relatives fond of golf.

  1. Golf Cart Soundbar:

Add music to your golfing experiences with the advent of Golf Cart Soundbar. This new concept of music portability even in the golf course has widely gained popularity. A serious game of golf can also be made fun with family and music.

Advanced technology driven, high sound quality emitting, powerful soundbars are now available in the market. These soundbars come with easy mounting hardware for your golf cart. Place it on the roof top or at the dashboard as per your choice and soundbar design. They will guarantee loud powerful sound effect to make golf cart ride a joy ride. Since this is an outdoor game, these soundbars are specifically designed with a tough and weather resistant body. The love of music has avowed golf cart soundbar as a top option among golfing gears.

Go for a Golf Cart Soundbar that possesses some of these qualities:

  • Waterproofing with a high IPX rating
  • Durable
  • High sound quality and volume
  • Easy mounting hardware for your golf cart
  • Good battery backup and Bluetooth connectivity
  1. Smart Golf Trolleys:

As technology is growing at a fast pace, the simple golf trolleys have now got a complete makeover into high technology driven, ultra smart trolleys. One such product in the market is the next generation Stewart Golf X9 Follow. Stewart Golf is a prod producer of this smart trolley that does more than you can imagine.

Its structure can be easily folded to carry it in a compact form in your vehicle. This trolley has Bluetooth connectivity feature. When out in the court, you can activate its ‘Follow’ feature.

This Follow feature makes this cart really amazing. It can sense your movement and move and stop with you as directed by you. This allows a total hands-free movement, where both of your hands are free. The external remote control will allow you to control its speed and directions. Cruise control feature is also a part of this trolley. Enough spacing for golf balls and other accessories have been provided in this cool gadget.

  1. Mizuno JPX900 driver:

Golf experts have regarded this as one of the most adjustable drivers in the market today. It has largely made good impressions with its classy looks and matte finish. Its sole has an intriguing amount of adjustability.

The reason why this could be a perfect gift and a golfer’s pride is the technology involved. The bigger head and Fast track sole allows placing shots easily. It comes with an orange Fujikura Evolution II shaft which is very durable and clashes nicely with the blue head. The two weights that can be easily positioned, make spinning easier.

The golfing enthusiasts have loved its performance and rated it high among comparable drivers and we are sure that you will love it too.

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Radhika Gupta is based out of India and writing for technology, science and publishing media for last 4 years. She is the top contributor for our website ( bestwaterproofspeaker.com ) along with editor-in-chief Samrat Sengupta.

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