Golf Real Estate

Coronado is a coastal resort, located just an hour from Panama City.  Renowned for the low amount of rainfall it receives each year, Coronado is in a well-developed area, featuring many amenities such as supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, a hospital and golf course.

The Coronado Country Club is a fine example of what can be achieved with a golf course in the Coronado area.  In fact, the Pacific Coast beaches are home to some of the best golf clubs in Panama.  The Vista Mar Resort, Mantarraya Golf Club and Buenaventura Resort are three examples of golf courses which are thriving in the area.

Coronado itself is already home to people from many different countries around the world.  With immigrants from both the USA and Canada arriving to live in Coronado, the area also features a strong expat community from the United Kingdom.

Due to its location, climate, health facilities, leisure options and communities, Coronado is a very attractive option, for anyone who may be considering investing in real estate.  coronado panama real estate, is especially open to those who want to invest in golf real estate.

There are several golf developments in Panama and Coronado in particular and they are available at great value prices.  Professional and dedicated companies, such as World Panama Real Estate, offer a variety of top quality golf real estate at fantastic prices.  The great thing about golf real estate in Coronado is that even the most luxurious spaces are competitively priced; meaning that now is a great time to make your investment.

An important fact to remember is that foreign people purchasing panama golf real estate in Coronado are entitled to the same ownership rights as Panamanians.  Compare this to many other places around the world and you already making huge savings on your golf real estate.  Although this is the case, it’s still a very wise decision to get in touch with a reputable company, like World Panama Real Estate, who can help you every step of the way.

Whether you are interested specifically in Panama golf real estate, Coronado real estate or general property development within Panama, World Panama Real Estate have the experience to answer all your questions.ere is no better time to invest in Coronado Panama real estate than today.  Do not delay and make a part of this lovely area in the world, your own.