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What Kind of Iron Shaft You Can Use to Get Better Swing? and How to Use It?

There are many things that need to be considered when you choose a set of golf clubs. These things include how to choose the right set of golf clubs. You need to know the differences between the different types of clubs, the materials, and more.

Understanding these things can help you make a better decision which clubs are right for you. You also need to know how to use your irons which includes the different positions and more.

The first thing you need is a basic set of golf clubs. There is no reason to carry more than 14 clubs in your bag at a time and it is actually against USGA regulation if you do. Your bag should include two or three woods, two fairway woods and a driver, 8 irons, and additional wedges. If you want a putter these are usually sold separately.

The shaft of an iron can make all of the difference in how far you are capable of hitting the ball. There are two primary types of shafts which include the steel and graphite.

Steel shafts are strong, provide more durability, and they are cheaper clubs. A set of clubs with steel shafts will provide greater consistency from each shaft. You might even have more control on your shots.

The thing about steel shafts to remember is that they are best for golfers with a faster swing. If you want to generate a good distance with these types of shafts you should be a strong golfer who is looking for control in your game.

Graphite is lighter than steel and is actually made in different variations. These clubs are more expensive and they are not as durable as steel. Because of the light weight the graphite shafts allow for a faster swing which results in a bit more power.

You might be sacrificing a bit of control when you swing the club because of the speed. Graphite clubs are also much better if you want to absorb the shock sent to your wrist from the club after impact. Gloves also help with this.

Another thing to look for is something called flex. This is the bend in a shaft, also known as the whip. The flex of the shaft must match the speed of a golf swing. A flexible shaft is perfect for a beginner golfer who has a slower and less powerful swing.

The average golfer has a swing around 75 mph to 90 mph which requires a regular shaft. A stiff or firm shaft should be used for golfers who have a swing over 90 mph. The stiffer the golf clubs are the more control the golfer has over the ball.

Today there is a shaft called the uniflex that is designed to fit any type of swing.

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  1. I always use graphite clubs.. It is lighter and stronger. Lot of research is happening in this area to come up with lighter and stronger clubs

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