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The Negotiable Golf Swing: How to Improve Your Game Without Picture-Perfect Form

Product Features :

A negotiable golf swing is a compatible arrangement of the many permissible alternatives that, while not conforming to the computer models of the perfect golf swing, can still function very well to get the job done. By identifying and organizing these negotiable swing components, The Negotiable Golf Swing will show you how you can use basic swing components and their permissible permutations to negotiate a better game of golf.

In other words, you can learn how to play a better game of golf with a lot of what you’re already bringing to the table. Few swings need a complete overhaul, a total retooling from setup to finish position. It’s more likely that you, like thousands of erstwhile golfers, just need to learn what’s negotiable with the golf swing and what’s not. The Negotiable Golf Swing covers the nonnegotiable as well, that is, all those immutable laws of ball flight, which are determined as the clubhead moves through the impact area making contact with the ball.

The Negotiable Golf Swing will provide you with an understanding of how basic human skills are learned and how to apply them to your game, how to grasp and meld the negotiable with the nonnegotiable, which will help you build an effective golf swing, and ultimately, improve your game. This eye-opening tutorial will empower golfers from beginners to seasoned to single-digit handicap players.

Many swing gurus try to convince golfers that they must have perfect form - even a model swing - in order to play better. This is simply not true, and in The Negotiable Golf Swing you won’t find any “one size fits all.” Rather you will learn not only how a negotiable golf swing can work for you, but also why it’s the best and fastest route to success.

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