When you are heading for a golf sporting event geared with all the necessary tools that you may ever need in the field, the question now is, how are you going to transport those tools from your house to the venue without looking like a stupid guy hugging altogether the clubs, balls, and the rest of the equipments? Of course, you need a golf bag and the Sun Mountain golf bags are exactly what you need!

What’s the reason why Sun Mountain is so exceptional?

It is obvious that the people behind the company know exactly everything about the game of golf. They are also aware that it is not a stagnant sport, that it keeps on growing as the time pass by hence the company makes sure that they can go with the growth. The company has a very long history for making innovative golf gear that they already serves as a powerful benchmark for other companies to follow. In fact, the brand was able to make the very first stand bag and through the years, they are always on the look for means to redesign and improve their products in order to paint a smile in every customer’s face.

What to Pick

There are many choices to go for if you are on the search for quality Sun Mountain golf bags. In fact, you can be rest assured that no matter what product you choose, quality and exceptional value is given. However, if you are on the look for extra light bag then you should go for Sun Mountain’s Superlight 3.5. This product is specially made to address the needs of people who fancy walking and carrying their own bag with them. This is perfect when you wish to play but think that you do not need to spare an extra cash to hire a caddy. Despite the weight, it still offers an enormous storage space. So next time when you lift it up while carrying your 14 clubs, you will be delighted on how light it feels. It further comes with features like dual straps, clothing pockets, graphite shaft protection, hip pads, ball pockets, and a lot more for just a price of hundred dollars plus! Amazing, right? To get a product for such price and for the weight such as that, every golfer will for sure be very happy.

The Conclusion

You can be rest assured that Sun Mountain golf bags are of good quality because for more than 20 years, the company is working hard in creating and manufacturing functional, lightweight, and high quality products that will please the market.

When looking for this product, you will be pleased to know that they are available both from local stores and from the online world. If you wish to get the best deal, it’s best to do the purchase on the internet. This way too, you will be happy to know that product quality and excellence are two factors verified all the time in each Sun Mountain product you see on the online souk.

Product Features :

  • Lightweight, state of the art golf stand bag is ideal for golfers who like to travel light
  • Patented design with useful integrated handle and bag body configured for maximum utility
  • Seven pockets, including velor-lined valuables pocket, water bottle pouch, and multiple accessory pockets
  • Roomy 9.5-Inch top has six dividers to keep clubs organized
  • Ball marker for precisely lining balls, leg lock strap secures legs during cart use, pen holder, umbrella holder, and matching rain hood


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