By Ron Gasparetto

Any frustrated golfers out there? How many of us have spent countless hours on the driving range, watched and studied the swings and techniques of some of the great golf pros, all in an attempt to perfect that swing so we could bring down that handicap and play better golf. As much as we know that perfection is for the most part unattainable in almost every other aspect of our life, we continue to shoot for it in our golf game.

But there are 2 questions here that need to be asked: do you really need a perfect golf swing to play better golf, and is a perfect golf swing attainable anyways? The answer to both questions is a resounding NO! Now let me explain.

Firstly, there’s a very good chance you’ll never be able to swing a club like Tiger, Ernie or Phil for two reasons. These professionals have been blessed with an innate ability and talent that most of us simply don’t have. As well, they have honed these skills from a very early age and invested thousands upon thousands of hours in their profession, a commitment that most of us will never be able to attain.

Secondly of all the golf tips you have encountered over the years, make sure you remember this one: the key to playing better golf is not a perfect golf swing, but a simple golf swing that is consistent and repeatable. It’s a philosophy that is applied in anything you do in life that positions yourself to attain the optimum outcome, and that is the KISS technique: Keep It Simple Silly (or something like that!). You see when you keep a skill basic and simple you increase the likelihood of repeating it at a consistent level.

So what are some of the characteristics of a simple golf swing? It’s certain techniques that anyone at any level can learn and apply and that are easily repeatable. So here are just a couple of golfing tips on how to master a simple golf swing.

The first is simply using and focusing on your spine as an axis in your swing rotation. What this does is help keep your swing on a correct swing plane time after time. Secondly the grip of your club and your club face alignment are also two key aspects of your swing. By simplifying and applying the correct grip and club face alignment on impact you’ll be able to increase the distance and accuracy of your shots.

So remember a perfect golf swing is both unattainable and a misguided focus. It’s when we take any challenge or task in life and break it down to its simplest form is where the greatest learning can occur. So if you really want to improve your game, and develop the consistency and confidence every time you hit the links, the simple golf swing is the one to shoot for!

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