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Ask Anything About Golf

It is imperative that knowing the basics of golf is a key element in excelling in this beautiful game. Several people have a belief that having branded clubs and the best equipment will make them a better golf. The truth is far from that, though I love great equipment and top golf brands, I always lay a lot more importance to the basics, etiquette and fundamentals. For an aspiring golfer it will take years before he learn these things all by himself. It comes without saying, that knowing what to do with the equipment is far more important than just having the right equipment.

As a kid and an avid golfer, I used to watch how effortlessly the skilled golf professionals appeared to handle the game. I wanted to learn everything from those pros right from golf tee ranges to the golf grips and the reason for choosing a baseball, Vardon overlap or the interlock grip. However I was scared to walk up to them and ask them about the things that I wanted to know. Things haven’t changed much from those days. Though today there are thousands of websites about golf and one can learn a great deal about golf through these online literature; what was lacking until now was not online literature on golf but an authority website where newbies could directly interact with experts and get their questions answered immediately.

Ask Golf is a new website that helps in bringing together the novice players and the experts under one roof. This website provides a platform where the young, aspiring or new golfers can post their questions, and qualified experts will answer it for them. Unlike golf forums AskGolf want to position itself as a Question/Answer community. It is completely different from a forum because it focuses on finding answers to specific questions of its members instead of promoting debates and discussions.

This website is very user-friendly, one need not create an account separately, instead they can use their Google, Yahoo or AOL account to log in. The website is well moderated (user moderated) and features a karma system to identify top contributors.

Our Opinion: Finally there is a website where newbies can directly learn from the experts and clarify their doubts about golf without paying a single dime. We wish the AskGolf team good luck and encourage our visitors to make use of this online Golf QA community.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about the new website. I checked it out and it looks like a good platform for helping new golfers with questions about the game.

    The information was easy to find as well.

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