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Basic Golf Swing Tips

Are you having trouble with the basic golf tips? Even though it may seem easy, it is more difficult than you may think.

Basic golf tips should be simple, straightforward and repeatable. The more you think about your swing the more difficult it becomes to have a consistent swing. Practicing some basic golf tips will allow you to develop muscle memory that you can take to the golf course.

Here are 3 basic golf tips that you need to know to improve your golf swing.

1) Proper Grip – A good repeatable swing begins with the way the way you grip your golf club. You should have a neutral grip. This is when the “V” formed between your thumb and forefingers on both hands are pointed both hands point between the right shoulder and chin.

There are three basic types of hand grip used, the baseball grip, interlocking grip and the overlapping grip. Whether you are using a baseball grip, an interlocking grip or an overlapping grip making sure that your grip is neutral will allow you to keep the clubface as square as possible during your swing.

2) Pre-Shot Routine - Preparing for each shot is an absolute must. Create a picture of your shot in your mind and you are more likely to execute the shot. Along with visualization, you need to have a consistent method for setting up to execute your shot. When you develop a simple repeatable approach your subconscious mind will take over.

3) Play Your Game – All too often golfers will try to compete with their playing partners. If they hit the golf ball a country mile, then you have to try and drive the ball just as far. This is a sure recipe for failure. Stay within your game, trying to hit the golf ball further than your normal distance will lead to misdirected shots and will get you into trouble.

Many golfers tend to over think the golf swing and complicate the process. Basic golf swing tips are easy to learn when you focus on these 3 tips.

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