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Choosing a Brand Name Club for Beginners

So, you just started to play golf. All of your new golf buddies in Hilton Head have told you that you don’t really need to drop a load of money on a new set of shiny, name brand golf clubs. After all, you can get by with a pretty cheap set of clubs until you get better, right? Wrong. You want that name brand quality, and you want it as soon as you can get it. So which nice set of clubs is best for you as a beginner?

Feel the Difference

As an admitted beginner you probably won’t even be able to tell the small differences that exist between major brands. So when you visit your golf shop in Hilton Head, pick out some clubs from a few different brands and see how they feel to you when you hold them. How does the weight feel? How does the grip feel in your hands? Do you like the aesthetics of the club?

Because your game has not advanced to the point where subtle nuances make a huge difference, pick a set based off of what you find the most appealing in regards to the club’s looks and feel.

Become a Regular at Your Golf Store

Golf stores are relatively easy to find, especially if you live in Hilton Head, where you can find one around nearly every corner. Find one that you like, and visit with the staff there. Talk to them about your situation, and let them know that you are a complete novice, but that you would like to start your golf game out with a new set of clubs.

See if they have any clubs that are made with technological advantages for beginners that may help reduce the likelihood of goofing up a swing or a putt. Make sure to ask the staff their individual opinions on which brand of club you should go with. If the golf shop has an area where you can test your swing, by all means utilize their golf bay and see how each club feels to swing.

Perfecting your game takes years to master, so give it some time and try not to scratch up those new name brand clubs you want so much.

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