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Creating Lag and Mastering That Monster Swing

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Any golf aficionado that plays golf on a regular basis, looks for new ways to improve his game. They look for new ways to hit the golf ball further, while having better aim with a smooth swing. If this person sounds like you, then you are going to have to learn how to create lag in your golf swing.

So what is lag?

When describing it, as opposed to giving a physical definition, the best way to explain it relates to thinking of it more as you pulling the golf club as opposed to pushing it. If you watch closely, this is a swing used by many of the professionals. Creating lag is one of the most prized hidden move in the golf swing that most powerful hitters have. This technique can generate a great distance from a seemingly smooth and rhythmic swing. The technical aspect behind this is the correct angle between the shaft and the left forearm (if you are right-hander) in the downswing. If your wrists can maintain this angle for a slightly longer duration, the better the lag will be.

It will become more apparent that the swing of these professionals differ a lot from many others. As you watch them, concentrate on the time in between the upswing and downswing. This is where the biggest different comes into play and will become more apparent as you watch.

One way to create lag in your golf swing, would involve setting up a video camera. How exciting, you get to be a star. Make sure the camera is at an angle that will catch all of the movements that you make.

Now, hold the club in the usual way that you do. Don’t hold on too tight or loose. By this point you should already have the ball set up, so walk up to it. While you are standing there and getting ready to hit the ball, push back on the right hand so that it is toward the right forearm (the right angle is important).

As you begin to swing, concentrate on using only your shoulders to move the club and nothing else. Imagine your hands and arms as unable to move and the only thing that has the ability to get them to move is your shoulders. When you are moving the club back, move it only so far as to where your left arm is parallel to the ground.

If you are doing the swing correctly, when you look on camera to see where your arm is, your left arm should look as if in a 90 degree angle. This angle is what lag comes from.

Now, on the way down toward the ball envision yourself as keeping this angle. You want to keep the shape as the club moves down toward the ball. The basic concept of this swing, involves more pulling of the club, rather than pushing.

After you do this a few times, go home and watch yourself. As you watch the way that you are swinging, you will start to have more of an idea of the things that you have to work on in order to get the swing down.

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