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Golf Swing Exercises - Tips for Practicing

It’s no great revelation, but the most effective method to perfect your golf swing is practice, practice practice. Your shot will only be successful only if it is perfectly done and aiming in the right direction. This is why you need to practice your golf swing exercises frequently.

Setting up your golf swing begins with your distance from the ball. Your arms should be able to hang down comfortably with the full length of the club extended. If the ball is placed too far away, then you will have an inside to outside swing and the ball will hook. Standing too near the ball means an outside to inside swing that will cause the ball to slice.

A good grip is needed in your the golf swing to properly control the club in the downswing. Practice a neutral and firm, yet relaxed grip that will give the required control and wiggle room to proceed smoothly all the way to your follow through. Look down at your grip and if you can see two knuckles then you are off to a good start.

To achieve optimum results, it is important to warm up before starting and do relaxing/stretching exercises after finishing your golf swing exercises. The entire purpose of warming up is to make sure that you do not start with ‘cold’ muscles and thus your exercises will be more effective.

These are only a few pointers which will hopefully subtract strokes from your score and add confidence to your play. For more tips, information, and golf swing advice, be sure to check out Golf In Detail. Learning the proper mechanics of the golf swing is a great motivational tool to make you to want to play better. And good luck with your practice sessions!=

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