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How to Prepare Yourself for a Golf Game

By Kevin Hutto

Before you go to a golf course, it’s important that you are in the mood to play the game. Even if you’re already physically prepared to play a round, but aren’t up to it mentally, you’re going to make a lot of errors in your shots that will inevitably result to higher scores. Besides the frustration you’re going to feel, you’re going to miss out the whole purpose of a game, that is, you play it for enjoyment and relaxation. How do you prep yourself up for a golf game?

First of all, you have to get rid of all the negative energies that you may have before you set out to a golf course. What are these negative vibes? Anger, worry and fear are just some examples. It’s understandable that many people play golf as a form of stress-relief. However, being stressed and having a depressed outlook about it are two entirely different things. When you set out to play golf, make certain that you are going to forget everything else and simply concentrate on the game. You’ll be surprised at how your perspective changes by simply allowing yourself to forget everything else for just four hours and think of nothing but golf.

Secondly, you have to keep a positive attitude before, during, and after the game. A dose of positivism just does wonders to your strokes. It adds a lot of power and accuracy to your swing. Positivism makes you laugh off bad shots and allows you to continue on with the game. It adds a full measure of enjoyment to your golfing as well, preventing club-throwing tantrums and debilitating hooks and splices that ruin the pleasure of playing a round. When you’re positive, you can genuinely celebrate with friends at the 19th hole no matter the outcome of the game.

Finally, you have to prepare yourself mentally to simply just have fun. Far too many times you tend to approach the game too seriously even if you are just a recreational golfer. You always make sure that your form and technique are just perfect. You run a checklist through your head to ensure that your swings are done with just the right angle and arc. More often than not, this results in you being too self-conscious that you immediately stiffen up and conveniently forget the fact that golf is supposed to be fun! Certainly, you do need to ensure that your stance is right, that you are gripping the shaft correctly and that you are following-through on your swing, but all these need not hinder you from truly enjoying the game. Forgive yourself when you commit any errors and simply strive to do better in the next hole.

Get rid of the negatives, focus on the positives, have fun- and you’ll soon realize that you’re playing better golf than you ever did before.

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