By S. Pesavento

If you are looking to improve your golf swing, there are a few helpful tips that can make this process easier for you. When working on changes with a golf instructor or whatever method of improvement you choose, there are some problems that may come up. First of all, often times a golf instructor may give the student too much information where they start feeling overwhelmed. Trying to think about too many things in the golf swing will usually lead to poor results. The analytical or left part of the brain is where technical thoughts are processed and stored. The golf swing is a motion which needs the right brain to be involved also. Ideally, it’s nice to have a balance between technical thoughts and thoughts that are related more to feel.

In order to successfully integrate a golf swing move correctly, it must be combined with a feeling of smooth, rhythmic tempo. Trying to worry about where your left or right elbow is at a certain point of the golf swing can cause the body to become stiff or tense whereby a fluid swing is difficult to achieve.

The swings that are most effective generally will have a good balance of technique and feel. It’s important to have good fundamentals and proper golf swing technique. When you try and work on improving your technique, it is very helpful to focus on one or two things at a time. Trying to change 4 or 5 things in your swing all at once is pretty near impossible and will most likely lead to increased frustration. It’s helpful to have a good instructor to guide you as to which part or parts of your swing to focus on first.

There is an order you want to go about making changes. First, check your grip and setup. If something is off in the setup, it will make your swing path be off as well. Fixing the setup and things like alignment or ball position can actually improve your golf swing path quite a lot. I like to focus on getting a good setup first so that making a good and simple swing is a lot easier to do.

If you have a problem in your downswing, most likely this is related to or caused by a problem in your backswing. Fixing your backswing issue can indirectly help to improve anything that may be an issue in the downswing.

Have fun while trying to make changes in your golf swing. Have someone who can help guide you or a system you can follow which works well for you. Don’t worry too much about your results right away when you are making a change. Your main priority should be to incorporate the positive technique or change and then think about the quality of your shots or your scores. Judging your results too early can hinder the changing and improvement process.

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