By John T Fisher

The one plane golf swing has gained popularity within the golfing community over the years, because many professional golfers have developed this technique and obtained a tremendous amount of success while on tour. The following article will briefly explain what this technique really is and how you can utilize this technique to improve your game.

The one plane swing is essentially a movement whereby both the arms and the shoulders move along a single plane. In this way, a golfer can maintain a very consistent movement time after time without allowing room for minor errors to interrupt their fluid motions.

Two plane swings are often used by amateur players, because this type of swing results when the shoulders and arms move along different planes and this movement is very easy for amateur players to make. If you would like to start using this movement to improve your game, you should start addressing the positioning of your arms relative to your shoulders as you move into your backswing.

When you move into your backswing, the line upon which your arms lie should be parallel with the line created by your shoulders. This movement is generally very simple and it is very easy to replicate, but you will have to train your body to move in this way before you can start generating consistent results.

Many people adhere to a much easier movement that creates two distinct lines, because this movement does not require the alignment of the shoulders with the arms in the backswing. This movement creates many problems for golfers though, because they must constantly tweak the positioning of their hands and wrists to line the club face up with the ball.

Golfers who adhere to a movement that creates two distinct lines with their shoulders and arms often generate inconsistent results, because it is very difficult to tweak the movements of the wrists and hands in an accurate manner every time you take a swing. This is why many people believe some of the best golfers who ever played the game, like Ben Hogan, adhered to a single plane movement.

Once you incorporate this small change into your game, you will likely notice much more consistent results as you become comfortable with the changes you make. If you have a strong upper body and strong abdominal muscles, you may even see increases in the distances you can drive the ball as well. Basically, if you are looking for more consistent results and even more power while on the course, you should attempt to utilize a one plane golf swing in order to accomplish your goals.

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