By Jack Nickerson

Practice Time for Driving

Most golfers consider time on the driving range as their way of finding their perfect golf swing. Learning how to drive the ball farther with the required accuracy will definitely help accomplish perfecting your golf swing, but this shot only accounts for less than 15 % of the total shots taken if you are scoring less than 100.

With that in mind, the golfer should design his or her driving practice sessions accordingly. The first thing that should be addressed is the proper attitude when attempting to hit your driver. There are many golfers that use a “grip and rip” technique, which allows them to just grip the club and swing as hard as they can. Some may call it the John Daly swing, but he is a professional that knows what he is doing (most of the time).

Most golfers should just go into the driving practice session with the attitude of driving the golf ball at a particular target or a certain distance while maintaining a +/-50 yard accuracy range. A warm up routine should be part of the session. Attempting to hit a golf ball some 200+ yards without the proper warm-up routine may cause more damage to you physically as well as wasting time adjusting your swing when your muscles are not ready to perform the task.

After your warm-up routine has been completed, then begin to hit drives toward a particular target down the driving range. Attempt to hit 10 shots toward the target. If you can land every ball within +/- 50 yards of the target, then you can narrow the landing area to +/- 25 yards of the target for the next 10 balls. Once you can hit 9 out of 10 balls with the accuracy guidelines it is time to move onto the next phase of the driving practice session.

To become 90% accurate with your driver will take some practice time at the range, but it is well worth all the time and effort that you put into it so that in the end you will have found your perfect golf swing.

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