By Samuel Evans

It is so important to have a solid swing technique in order to play the game of golf well. Your swing technique is basically the way in which you swing the golf club. There are two main swing techniques used in golf. You have those who swing the club on a more upright or steep plane. This would be considered a two plane swing. Then you have those who swing the club on a flatter plane, more around their body. This would be known as a one plane swing. Both of these swings have pros and cons. Many professional golfers have had great success with the two plane and one plane swings. You can too.

The two plane swing is the more difficult technique in my opinion. It requires more precise timing on the backswing and the downswing. The club travels straight up as you rotate your upper body and your hips away from the target. The tricky part is keeping the club on plane as you begin your downswing. You have to be very precise or you will tend to hit the ground first or catch the ball on top and hit it thin. When you do connect with the ball it tends to fly high because of the steep swing plane. Those who have success with this technique usually have a great sense of timing and rhythm.

The one plane swing technique is what some would call the modern golf swing. Ben Hogan was fundamental in bringing this technique about. It’s more like swinging a baseball bat around your body except your bent over slightly and the ball is stationary on the ground. As you take the club back your arms stay more attached to your body and your left arm stays on the same plane as your shoulders. This makes it “easier” to get the club face on the ball at impact because you don’t have to focus so much on making sure your arms are in the right positions. I suggest using this swing technique, especially if you are just beginning to play the game of golf.

As I said before, many golfers have had success with both swing techniques. Choose the one that works best for you and go play golf.

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