Golf Cart Reviews

Golf push carts accessories are designed for carrying golf bags and other golfing equipment. They are perfect for individuals who want to walk without having to carry their clubs. Push carts that have wheels can hold everything required for the day, and most types are designed to move into varying terrain. Push carts are used as personal caddies for carrying the burden of the golfer and thus avoiding strain that could disturb one from the game. Golfers who prefer to use a push cart instead of the electric golf cart get more exercise.

This leads to lower scores and better focus. Many golfers may choose to own personal push cart. This allows them to have personalization and customization choices that are not available on the rented carts. Individuals interested in buying a push cart to carry their golf equipment can browse many types sold by supply stores and also pro shops.

They can also visit good sporting stores or any sports department that offer a local discount. To make sure that you choose an excellent golf push carts accessories you should consider the following essential things before purchasing a push cart.

1. Your Requirements

You should consider if you are playing for your enjoyment or if you are a professional Golfer. If you are an expert golfer, you need a more improved push cart to hold your bag and other golfing accessories.

2. The cart should have Aluminum Frame

The cart you choose should be well made and simple to roll. Choose a scratch resistant, durable and lightweight frame. Aluminium is the best choice for framing this is because It is corrosion and rust free.

3. Consider the weight

A push cart that is light is simple to push up. The favorable weight should be 15 pounds or less. A golf pushcart with this weight is also convenient to ladies.

4. Consider braking System

The braking system of a cart plays an essential role in the cart. Good brakes should be installed on the push handle. This will make controlling the cart much simple while rolling down the hills and also you will avoid having runaway bag on the hands.

5. The cart should have extras

Extra features that are built into the carts include a cup holder, three ball clip, a towel holder, accessory mount and umbrella holder. A proper push cart should store large bottles and cups easily in it cup holders. If you mostly play in weather that is unpredictable or under the sun that is much hot, then an umbrella holder is required.

6. Compact Design

The golf push cart should be easily folded into a small and compact size that can be carried in a car’s storage easily. A full bag should be high with the club heads being away from the handle. Your bag should be able to sit in an upright position that is convenient making it easy to access all clubs.

7. Handle Quality
The cart should have a quality handle that is durable and adjustable to about 45 degrees so that people of different heights can utilize the cart.

8. Consider Tires and Wheels

The tires of the push cart should be strong and large so that they can roll over the rugged and flat areas easily. If the wheels are small, it will be hard to push the cart. Airless and maintenance free wheels provide more balance and traction making a perfect push cart.

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Following are some pros and cons for golf push carts accessories 


* They are cheaper than the electric ones despite having features that are almost the same and the only difference being the absence of a motor in the push cart.
* The push cart is much simpler to control than the pull cart. This is because it moves ahead of you making it easy to plan a clear path.
* In case something falls off from the cart you can notice easily and immediately
* Push carts are light than electric carts because they do not have motors.


* Even though these carts are light than electric ones, they require a lot of energy to move them especially if you are carrying many pieces of equipment.
* Push carts are bigger than the pull carts making them occupy more space even when they are folded and this can be challenging during transportation and storage.