A lot of online golf guru will keep telling you the same crap like “you should feel the club as an extension of your hands”, “there should be a proper rhythm during the swing” and “you need proper balance”. These things are easier said than done, since these factors are non-tangible it is hard for you to practice or monitor your improvement.

The common things done today to milk the golf aspirants are things like DVDs by professions, hypnotherapy and so on. Forget everything, these are just methods to milk you dry. Golf is a costly sport and meant for the affluent in general, so it is but natural to find ways to make money through golf. Now coming back to the sport; swing strength is not entirely dependent on physical strength.

5 Tips to improve your golf swing quickly

The most important thing wile swinging is the rotation of the upper body with respect to the stance of the lower body. For a seamless smooth rotation of the upper body the first important thing is your breathing, this is also the most neglected aspect of golf. Among those who play golf regularly you can see that peaceful and calm individuals perform better. A good yoga guru will tell you how important a good stress free breathing is for achieving calmness in meditation. So the first thing is focusing on your breathing and making sure you are accustomed to long and deep breathing. If you do this, you can feel a significant change in the way you swing the club. You can also follow the book writter by Roy Palmer “Golf Sense: Practical Tips On How To Play Golf In The Zone” about getting your mind calm through simple exercises.

The second important thing is the lower body balance and stance. It is not rocket science, balance will be better if the weight is evenly spread. So make sure your weight is evenly distributed between both the feet, and even in the feet make sure you don’t load your body weight over your heels.

Next is physical strength, many coaches will tell you to move slowly in a controlled manner to get the proper rhythm. While this is right you should have enough power so as to make sure the ball goes the distance. If you need to achieve both then it is imperative that your muscles are strong enough. You need to do specific exercises like core stability and lunges, twists.

Improve Golf Swing QuicklyIf you are a newbie, then mostly you will be over gripping, which is natural for a newbie but it is a wrong practice. You should also start practicing a square golf swing.

Don’t start your downswing from your shoulder. Your shoulder should move only at the end of your downswing.

These are some simple steps to improve your golf swing quickly; however the most important thing is trusting yourself and your style. Belief can work wonders.