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Should You Join A Golf Academy?

Most young golfers when presented with the idea of joining an academy wonder about the need to join a golf academy, when they get a lot of lessons at their local golf club. It goes without saying that golfers can learn and polish their game in local clubs, however the purpose of joining a club is primarily to have fun, any improvement in the game and technique is often just a byproduct. Mostly learning in a club is intermittent and sometimes flaws can creep in to our game due to that; on the other hand an academy can teach you things in  week which can only be learnt by playing in club for a year or so. At the same time golf academy is boring, as you spend around 50% of your time playing. The presence of a good instructor, watching over your game all the time improves your game and technique in rapid manner.

Bird Golf California
Image Credit: Bird Golf California

The real trick however is in choosing the right golf academy. Bird Golf, one of the most reputed academies in the United States, have some of the best golf instructors in the country who are all members of PGA or LPGA and have tremendous experience and teaching acumen. Reputed academies like Bird Golf also offer different packages to suit the needs of different aspirants. Even if you don’t want to be a pro, you can opt for a package that is affordable and meets your requirements. Most reputed academies offer their courses in different locations, for instance Bird Golf academy has locations in several states like Arizona, California, Carolinas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey and Tennessee.

Golf academies especially those in the United States have always been sensitive to the varying requirements of people. They cater to golfers with a wide range of proficiency levels, age and adaptability. It doesn’t matter if you want to become a professional golfer or not, irrespective of your aspirations, there will be a basic human need to keep getting better at what you do, and only a good golf academy can help you realize that aspiration. Self learning can take us only to a particular level and beyond that we all need expert guidance and coaching. Any golfer will meet with a roadblock at certain point and it is better to invest a week in ironing out the issues in your game rather than losing interest in the game altogether.

However choosing the right academy is extremely important. Do your research, checkout everything about the program, your instructors, class size, external events, customization and training facilities before enrolling.

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