Golf Sense: Practical Tips On How To Play Golf In The Zone - Review

Even if you are a newbie golfer you would have hit a few shots that came off the club perfectly with very little effort. At times you would have a feeling of everything coming off easily. This is called as being in the zone. Great players will more often be in the zone when compared to ordinary players who only experience flashes of brilliance.

In his book “Golf sense, Practical Tips on How to Play Golf In The Zone” Roy Palmer discuss everything about this. What makes us have that great swing once followed by a series of poor swings.

In the movie The Legend of Bagger Vance – Bagger will explain to Junuh on why Bobby Jones is too good. Which is very true in every sense, we should let go of all the crap in our head while playing. Only this can aid in letting us have that natural and perfect swing; just how a golf swing should be executed.

In Mr. Palmer’s book, his writings and exercises are really effective and above all most of his techniques can be done without a club even while we are reading the book. He emphasize on the tension in the swing as a major cause of poor play - tension that we may not even know we have since habitually we have practiced it the same way for a long time.

But realizing the cause of your poor golf shots is only the beginning. This book “Golf Sense” is full of simple and effective ways to place you in a calm and relaxed state of mind on the course. This book truly is a must have for all golf enthusiasts.

Product Description:The book is internet linked to further resources included in the cover price. These include audio files of the techniques to download onto an mp3 player to take onto the course or range, plus advice on posture and sports injury in the form of ebooks and videos.


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